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Helping Texas Special Purpose Districts with their bookkeeping & payroll.

Texas Utility Bookkeeping LLC is a Texas Bookkeeping Firm

Helping Directors Better Understand Their Districts

Texas Utility Bookkeeping strives to help District Directors better understand where their districts are today, so they can make better decisions for tomorrow. The language of business is accounting and if Directors have difficulties understanding the books of their Districts then they will have difficulties understanding when their District is doing well and or when it is in trouble. Texas Utility Bookkeeping works hard to help Directors and Consultants understand how the District is doing so they can make the right decisions.

We are confident that our team’s unique experiences and trademark law focus will absolutely be an asset to your business.

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A provisional patent application can be an effective tool for businesses and individuals seeking to acquire patent rights.

Investment Advisory

A license agreement is a legal document used to harness the value of intellectual property – creations of the mind and more.

Audit Preparation

A copyright, an important asset to the copyright owner, is a set of exclusive rights granted to the author of an original work.